Sunday, 22 September 2013

And as some more days go by the longing is beautifully transformed into simple but soul stirring verses...

19 Days to go...

Dear Pati,

Today morning in a dash,
As I rushed to have a quick bath.
I grasped your towel instead of mine,
Remember, the one for which you had so whined?

The mighty thing striped purple and white,
For you was always such a delight.
How proudly you cited your mom gave you thus,
While I, for long, ignored your repeated fuss!

Yes its true! For months I forgot,
To get you a new towel you desperately sought.
So many times to the market, but I'd never remember,
All else came, but no new towel from June to September!!!

And then you delivered the master stroke,
Went to your mom and gave her a poke.
Within hours, your yearning duly arrived,
While I, of your attention, felt so deprived.

Your mom became a star overnight.
My envy couldn't be mentioned forthright.
So till date, I don't really like that striped thing,
Every time you wrap it around, I undergo a spicy sting!

Now miles away in a foreign land,
What's the colour of the towel you have at hand?
Is it striped? Is it plain?
Will you remember me by a thing so mundane?

18 Days to go...

Dear Pati,

The tiny pocket on my handbag's side,
I did not know had a lovely treasure to hide!
In the morning while searching for the car keys,
Inside my bag, I was left pleasantly surprised.

My fingers felt something smooth and square,
Dampened a little with the moisture in the air.
A couple of your old passport size snaps,
Could be used to give the kids a scare!

A year or two old, or so I assume,
In a blue check shirt, so full of gloom.
Why couldn't you just have a little smile?
You look as tensed as an unseasoned groom!

You hastily need a good hairstyle,
Stop staring at me, in the meanwhile.
Its nice to relax and take a chill pill,
No need to look so tensed and hostile!!!

I moved my thumb across your face,
Then stopped over my favourite place.
As I put you back inside my bag,
A hurried kiss for your grumpy face!!!

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