Friday, 20 September 2013

Four More Days gone...10 left...

24 Days to go...

Dear Pati,

Inteha ho gayee intezaar ki,
Akele holiday cut ti nahin,
Missing poha paratha mocktail and we,
Your savouring endless cups of tea,
And the countless angry stares from me,
Inteha ho gayee intezar ki.

O How we lazed in front of the TV,
And you grabbed the remote from me,
Your afternoon dal-chaawal with oodles of ghee,
And aaloo ki subzi for company,
Intezaar ho gayee intezar ki.

As the sun sets behind the tree,
And the night sky turns burgundy,
Faraway towards the moon I see,
And drift away to the land of fantasy.
Inteha ho gayee intezar ki.
Intezaar ho gayee intezar ki.

23 days to go...

Dear Pati,
The Sunday silence is so loud,
It resonates in my soul.
The dark and cloudy overcast sky,
Above is taking its toll.
The deafening hollow thunder,
Pierces deep inside.
The tiny droplets on my face,
My feelings they cannot hide.
The gently blowing chilling breeze,
Send shivers down my spine.
And as my hair blow across my face,
I miss the hand that would have pushed it behind.

22 Days to go...

Dear Pati,  
Today as I wear red,
I think what you would have said.
I'd say, " I hate this hue."
And you'd say, " But red gives you your due!"
I'd grouse and say, "It dosen't suit me."
You'd reassure me with "You look very pretty."
I'd argue, "But isn't it too bright?"
And you'd encourage "Baby you look quite a sight!"
Knowing you, I know it isn't even half true,
But I just love the extra attention from you.
And then as you would playfully tease,
I would turn away and play with the car keys!
Today the red seems glaringly bright,
And yes, it has lost all its delight.
Today I'm not sure what looks good on me,
'Cause there isn't your naughty advice for free!!!

21 days to go...

Dear Pati,

I find myself talking way too less
Nowadays, Just as you would always request.
"Begum, how much can you chat!"
You said, while I carelessly continued to yak!

At times you would just hold your head,
"Begum, Please give your tongue a little rest."
"But listen Pati, I have some more to share."
"Just keep shut. I really don't care!"
"Pati, I have some juicy gossip to disclose."
"Begum, please call up your friends to share the daily dose.
My head is sore with all your non-stop chatter.
A cup of tea please, with pakoras on the platter."

Fuming, I'd say," Pati, just you wait.
I am going out and will be late."
Quickly you'd add, " O begum, it was just a gag."
Hold your head and cry, " God, I need a fag!"
But now as the daily babble has died down,
And there isn't much of noise around.
I eagerly wait for you to come back,
And put my fervent rant on track!!!

20 Days to go...

Dear Pati,

Aaj sirhane takiye par,
Jo bheega sa katra hai,
Shayad tera hissa hai.
Shayad mera hissa hai.

Kal raat jab lee angdai thee,
Padhte-padhte jhapki si aayee thee,
Ek khayal ne batti bujhayee thee,
Phir uthkar chadar udhai thee.
Wo kuch nazuk sa adhura khayal,
Shayad tera hissa hai.
Shayad mera hissa hai.

Maine neend main shayad jagaya tha,
Pani ke ek glass ke liye tumhe uthaya tha,
Yuhin kuch bad-badate hue tumne haath badhaya tha,
Phir kheejkar glass mujhe dhamaya tha.
Neend bhari tumhari aankhon mein,
Jo meetha sa gussa hai.
Shayad tera hissa hai.
Shayad mera hissa hai.

Aadhi raat ko jab chand khidki par aaya tha,
Tumne kareeb lakar mujhe bahoon mein chupaya tha,
Phir kuch besharam sa kano mein gun-gunaya tha,
Aur maine hanskar tumhe angutha dikhaya tha.
Raat ke teen peher guzar jaane par,
Jo badtameez sa khayal tumhare dil mein aaya hai,
Shayad tera hissa hai.
Shayad mera hissa hai.

Aaj sirhane takiye par,
Jo bheega sa katra hai,
Shayad tera hissa hai,
Shayad mera hissa hai.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


A very close friend who is the perfect life partner ( I say that because they are perfect for each other, a beautiful team who have established a great family, a flourishing business, all together) to her hubby dearest has recently become a writer. All because her team mate, her spouse is away from her for a month. And even though she has a lot on her hands, five factories, two beautiful daughters, an ailing father-in-law, she finds time to pen down her thoughts, her feelings every day. Although they are extremely personal they are words every wife whose husband is away from her on work or other commitments can identify with. I therefore begged her to share these creations with the world ... Thank you Bhumika Singh. 

Vivek I am sure is loving your daily creations but let the world have a peep into your most wondrously penned down thoughts.   

And I begin scratching out the days in the calendar...Day 30

Dear hubby,

The silence isn't so bad,
Till I look at my hands and feel sad,
Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. 

29 Days to go...

Dear hubby,

The smell of the morning newspaper as I opened my eyes,
No one to fight with me for the pages with the headlines,
No hand to offer the Page 3 papers instead,
No one to say "wait till I have read"
Read it alone today with no views to share,
Oh chuck the world- today I just don't care... 

28 days to go...

Dear hubby,
A pile of freshly ironed clothes arrived from the laundry  I scanned the bundle, only to find it didn't contain any of yours.
A matter so small,
Left me appalled.
A smile on my face,
A tear in my eye.
As I searched for your trace,
I remembered I had kissed you goodbye!
27 days to go...

Dear hubby,

The kids struggle with their breakfast,
I am reminded of you.
A bowl of fruits in the morning,
And you would twitch your nose too.
My nagging, "Please finish everything on your plate."
Your desperate reply, "Begum, I am Getting late."
The morning rush is still a race,
But without you, inside me is a silent empty space.

26 days to go...

Dear hubby,

The new CNC machines are here,
Some parts need to be developed.
Certain quality issues that I always fear,
Other matters keep my mind enveloped.
The humdrum at the office,
Sounds different without you.
The "tiker-tiker" of the machines,
Have lost their melody too.
With you around, I knew where to turn,
I knew what to face, I knew where I could run.
I knew I could never go wrong,
With you behind, the workplace was an easy song.
Now that decisions have to be taken alone,
And matters have to be resolved.
I catch myself thinking about you,
O how I wish you were here and involved!

25 Days to go....

Dear hubby,

The printer just delivered your new visiting cards. 
A bunch of them lie carelessly on my table.
And so your thought just crossed my mind,
Seems so long without your sign.
The viber call got dropped twice,
My laptop in place of yours isn't half as nice.
The guys from SKM Steel came to eat my head,
O how I wish they were all dead!
The ABB guys were asking for you,
Schneider and CNS misses you too.
The staff and I sense a pause in the air,
Boss, come back soon and shift the right gears.

* I will be posting these every day.