Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Distance means so little when someone means so much...

11 Days to go...

Dear Pati,

My O my! How do you handle all this?
It is so maddening, it really is.
So many concerns and all at once,
You live through this?

Must admire your brilliance!
Quality, development, purchase and production,
Finance of course needs a special mention,
Matters related to H.R. too,
A magic wand is crucial,
To help me sail through!

Someone from here, something from there,
Is this what every day you bear?
Albeit I saw you day after day,
But now I live through it your way!

I thought I handled quite a bit,
And doing a nearly perfect trade.
Undergoing your toil, I must admit,
Mine is a child's play, I'm afraid!

The day you will be back, I say,
I will take off for a couple of days.
No work, no toil and nothing to pay heed,
Will put my legs up, watch TV. and read!!!

10 Days to go...

Dear Pati,

Why is there so much dismay?
Why am I so low?
With each and every passing day,
The dismal feeling grows.

Hands are full, so is my head,
And all just seems to sink.
Varied thoughts leave me upset,
Have utterly lost the link!

Befuddled is the world to me,
Defeated is my state.
Worng or right I cannot see,
So uncertain! And that I hate.

Weary of everything around,
Cannot relish a thing.
This loneliness leaves me astound,
I miss the earlier zing.

Devoid of you, I can't be me,
Where lost is all the clarity?
In my palm as I read my fate,
I realize in you is my destiny.

A part of me you took away,
No wonder I'm flawed so.
Give back that me to me I say,
Please come back and never go.

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