Thursday, 24 May 2012


The other day my friends gave me a pleasant surprise when they called me up to chat with me from the US. They were taking some time out from their busy schedules to spend time together. Reliving old memories we had a very fun filled, giggly 40 minutes on the phone.

If we could do that on the phone I can’t help but smile conjuring up the image of the three girls, now mothers and career women, spending the weekend together under one roof with nothing to worry about and think about but our school days.

The smile stayed with me for a long time assuaging all my anxieties and tensions of the day. Long forgotten yet still vivid memories came rushing to the fore making me wish we were all together reminiscing those days. All of us were amazed at the instant and bewilderingly fresh recall of our silly escapades, the people we knew and the crushes we had.

I now understand why most (not everyone) consider them the best days of their lives. Not that it means life is not good now but surely the lack of responsibilities, worries (the only worries I remember having were related to whether I did well in my exams, and how one of our teachers (no names here…all my batch mates know who I am talking about) would respond to our shortening the length of our skirts yet again) and the abundance of silliness, gossip, pranks, teasing and the total lack of maturity made those days memorable.

That they were the best days of our lives is most evident from how all of us school mates have all gotten back in touch with each other thanks to Facebook and Parijat Punj ( a school mate) at the helm of it all. At heart we are still the same …grown up kids…kids who are trying to behave like adults and when we meet or talk on the phone we become what we always will be 16 year olds.


  1. so nicely put Nirja.
    I can visualise the scene of u smiling the whole day after they called u up!
    Well, u summed it right in the last para,even hariya ( Indraneel Hariharan) told the same lines " when we meet we forget that we will be 40 soon coz when we meet we are 16 yrs old again"
    superbly written.
    will see ur other posts soon
    and i just tried to connect everyone, the urge was always within ALL of us to reconnect, i am happy to have played my small part and i am thankful to the super warm response

    1. Thank you for your kind words Parijat.

      School days were the best, weren't they? Thank you again for spearheading the reconnection process.