Saturday, 26 May 2012


Nirja dear, I see your concern for the downtrodden increase by the day, a good sign indicative of how you have grown in your compassion for the underprivileged and the oppressed. Which brings me to the question as to why do perfectly normal, educated and intelligent people indulge in female infanticide and other heinous acts?

The Bhagwad Geeta explains it very well. In verse 36 of chapter 3, Arjuna asks Krishna “Impelled by what O Krishna, does man commit sin even against his own wishes, as though driven by a force?” Krishna replies “It is desire-lust: it is anger born of Rajas: it is insatiable and grossly wicked. Know this to be the enemy here in this world.”

When the desire for acquiring anything grows out of proportion, it degenerates into “lust” to fulfil that yearning; then whatever stands between that longing and its realisation, becomes the target of anger.
In anger, our ideals are overwhelmed and we pitilessly compromise them. Justice, truthfulness, honesty, uprightness and all such noble values remain supressed in a heart which is filled with lust and we are ready to not only compromise our morals but even justify our actions with all kinds of hollow arguments.

A sense of inner inadequacy makes us run out to possess, acquire, own and enjoy the objects of the world, but these cravings are insatiable, the more we satisfy them, the more they multiply. This lust-desire is the greatest enemy of man. The only solution is to know the enemy well and to banish him forever by giving up indulgence in sense pleasures, which, in any case are short lived. 

Aamir speaks very wise words when he advises us to look within and change ourselves if we want to change the world. 

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  1. Yes our quest for fulfilling all our wants and greed we have forgotten that these our just short-lived pleasures. And what really counts is letting go of our mindless pursuit of insatiable needs.

    Maybe that day is not too far when we all understand that and once the change begins this world will be a better place. We have to remember that we need to make it a better place for our children if not for others.