Thursday, 22 March 2012

My husband, My hero, My friend

Author: Elizabeth Spoor

Found this lovely poem on the net. As an Air Force wife can't help but identify with it. 

i sit here and think of you day after day
trying to find the right words to say

i know things are hard, i know things are rough
when duty calls, times on our family are tough

its so hard to comfort you so far away
when it feels like our lives are in such disarray

it kills me to watch you walk out the door
knowing your going to a far distant shore

i fear for your safety, i fear for your life
guess that's part of being an army wife

just a bit selfish i may seem to be
but all i want is you home with me

you provide for our family, you keep us from harm
risking your own life, your weapon in arm

you never have any concern for yourself
putting you own fears aside on a shelf

you fight for our country, our freedom, our lives
while still making sure that our family thrives

you always call home every chance that you can
just to make sure that the kids understand

that daddy may have to be away
but that you think of them night and day

even though miles may keep us apart
just remember to carry us deep in your heart

and on those days when you feel all alone
just remember your family is waiting at home

my love is pure and true to the end
you're more than my husband, you're my hero, my friend

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