Thursday, 22 March 2012


I have very few friends, blame it on my upbringing, or the fact that my father was in the Air Force and we never stayed in one place long enough to make many friends.

We have always been a close knit family preferring to keep to ourselves, thus the lack of ability to make long lasting friends. This lack of ability has always nagged me and I have tried to go the extra mile for people I liked. That of course is another topic altogether.

My search for my best friend ended when I met my husband. I talk to him about everything, sharing my innermost sometimes even what may be considered shameful secrets, thoughts and troubles. I am the most comfortable when I am with him and we have a great relationship. He has been a guide and a teacher. He has encouraged me especially through the dark and hopeless times.

He has always been there for me through the thick and thin of it all, through all the travails of life, putting me above all else. I am not the easiest person to live with and like a true friend he has many-a-times advised me on letting my hair down and not create stress all around.

Can a husband really be a wife’s best friend? You may ask. In most cases I treat him like a friend and not a husband when it suits my purpose, especially when I want to talk to him about his family. And above all I forget that he is my husband and I cannot treat him like a human punching bag expecting him to do everything my way. I take him for granted too most of the time as any other friend would and when he does the same to me, I can’t stand it. I am a mass of contradictions and expect him to treat me like a Queen while not reciprocating in kind.

They say marrying your best friend is the secret to a successful marriage. In our case we became best friends after we got married. My husband is my best friend!

Thank you for everything you have done for me dear best friend.

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  1. Your best post to date..unrestricted flow of emotions .. no difficult words there.. and Amen, Touch Wood.. may this bond continue to become stronger by the day.. what else is happiness.. na..RS