Monday, 30 April 2018

Women Empowerment?? Let's empower ourselves!!

Ladies let's not just sit around and talk. You want your life and the world to change, first let's change ourselves. 

Empowerment is the talk of today. We talk about women empowerment everyday but what does it really mean; especially to you? 

All available literature defines women empowerment as the process in which women expand and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied. It can also be said to be the process which refers to increasing and improving the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal-rights to women, and to make them confident enough to claim their rights.

But all the laws and rules and regulations set by governments all over the country and even the world cannot help empower women if women themselves don't begin the process by first empowering their minds, their bodies and their souls.

Unshackle your minds, challenge yourselves, increase your knowledge and capabilities, learn to do more, stretch yourselves, be charitable, be kind, be generous, be gentle, empathise and above all be better humans and forget all the talk about feminism, gender differences or equality. 

Don't make excuses, don't justify your laziness, don't say you have no time, don't say you are too busy with work and kids, get out there and do it all. 

Empower yourself by standing on your own two feet, work, have hobbies, study, empower yourself by exercising your body, take out time for yourself to get that fit and healthy body you have always craved(walk, run, do yoga, join a zumba class, join a gym, swim, dance but don't sit on your butt), empower yourself by exercising your mind by reading, following current events, writing, learning to do one new thing every year( cooking, sports, art and crafts, designing, studying, gardening, recycling, agriculture, photography, travelling, the list is endless), empower yourself by learning everything there is about money and investments and taxes and teach your family and yourself the value of money, empower yourself by delaying gratification to understand that life is full of ups and downs and you should be able to handle all situations and circumstances and support your loved ones through it all, empower yourself by giving, give your money, time and resources to people who are not as fortunate as you are ( give more and be kind to the helpers around you, your maids, your dhobi, your car wash guy, your garbage collector, the shopkeepers, the delivery guys, teach a child, man or woman to read and write, give away food, clothes and books to charities and orphanages around you, help other women empower themselves, this list too is unending), empower yourself by learning to drive, learning to change the tyre, learning to repair things around the house, empower yourself by being a better citizen of your society and country( vote, contribute by first learning about and then following laws, rules and regulations be it tax laws, traffic rules, societal norms and traditions), and the most important of all, empower yourself by becoming a broadminded, modern, more accepting of others individual, empower yourself by learning more about your culture, religion, traditions, values and principles and share what you have learnt with your family and friends thus ensuring your culture lives on but at the same time no one follows anything blindly so as to incapacitate them and empower yourself by doing menial tasks around the house and not depending on your helpers all the time ( clean the house, keep it neat and tidy with no clutter, decorate and redecorate by using innovative and inexpensive materials and means, set an example for the whole family by being independent and active), empower yourself by being a good daughter, wife, mother and employee, empower yourself by not being judgemental and a rumour mongerer or a gossip and over and above empower yourself by investing in yourself and your family and being happy and healthy. 

And all this to free yourself from all that you feel is tying you down. So empower yourself for your family's life, the society's life, the country's life and the world's life. Stop complaining and cribbing about what you don't have and how unfair and discriminatory the world is, get what you want and don't expect your family, your friends, your society, your government, your country or even God to come to your rescue. 

Empower yourself and the world.

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