Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Alcoholic

In this story I address the topic of alcoholism. The best of us can become addicted to this mind numbing drug. 

Drinking was the best thing that had happened to her. She was free, free of anxiety, negativity, worry, and apprehension.  It relaxed her, made her happy, gave her a nice warm feeling, and the best thing, it numbed her and forget her pain.

Sanya had never been a drinker, she was not fond of alcohol and never drank in parties too. Not that she was a party girl. She had a great job as the Head of Human Resources in a multinational company, had just bought a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment and most notably was happy and content. Her parents were proud of her and encouraged her to reach for the stars.

Then she met him. Jai was her new boss. He was a smart, charming man and the first time she met him she felt an instant connection to him. As she worked with him daily the connection grew stronger and she could see he felt something too. They would talk for hours, share their dreams and darkest deepest secrets, meet for lunch and even go home together. Sanya of course knew he was married and had 2 children, a boy and a girl but they were doing nothing wrong they were just the best of friends.

Sanya didn’t realise when it became more than friendship at least for her. She was completely besotted with Jai. Her whole life had begun to centre around him. Jai recognised the growing attachment and decided to talk about it. He liked spending time with her, he said and wanted to take the relationship further. They could have some fun. She agreed, she would do anything for him. They would meet at her house after the office and their chemistry was fantastic. They were both enjoying themselves. But then it all derailed when she became possessive like a love struck teenager and could not tolerate him talking to any other woman. She was sure he loved her too but was unwilling to take the relationship any further because of his marriage.

She drank the day she saw him with a young beautiful girl in the café she considered to be their haunt. She couldn’t believe it. She had thought she was his only and special friend and he didn’t meet any other women. She called him and he didn’t answer. She had heard somewhere that drinking helped and for the first time she bought a bottle of whisky that night. When she took the first sip she hated it, but then she gulped it down like medicine. Wow…it was good, it was already making her feel better and warm and numb. She slept off with the bottle in her hand all empty.

She woke up with a huge hangover and looked and felt terrible. She swore she was never going to drink the vile stuff again. When she met Jai in the office once she was ok enough to go to office, she confronted him. All he said was that they were just friends and liked spending time with each other but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have other friends.

Jai began avoiding her after the incident and she started drinking. He refused to go out and coffee with her or have any contact outside of the office. Sanya couldn’t take it even though in front of him and others she was still the same. She didn’t notice the effect of the alcohol until she was well and truly drunk. But she had it under control, she could take it or leave it. She worked hard, reported to Jai every day and was entitled to her freedom. At least the alcohol had helped her to forget her broken heart. It got out of control slowly and steadily when she started needing the alcohol even in the day at the office. She would sneak in bottles and take them to the bathroom to take a quick sip or maybe even the whole bottle.

The office staff noticed something was wrong when one day she came to the office completely intoxicated and stinking of alcohol. A complaint was made to Jai. Jai called her and told her that she was out of control and she needed to either stop or leave the job. She knew she couldn’t come there anymore and decided to quit. The funny thing was he had been her best friend and now he didn’t even want to help her or have anything to do with her.

She was drinking to blot everything and it was working. She couldn’t live without it. And then one day she blacked out outside her front door and her neighbours took her to the hospital and called her parents.

They were there with her immediately, panicking and wondering what had gone wrong with their perfect little baby. Drinking had taken over her life and they could not fathom why. Being an alcoholic became tedious and fearful. Now she lived in fear of being found out and had to plan every activity to make sure that there was access to alcohol. She would say she was going for a walk but would come back hiding bottles in her bag. She began hiding the bottles all over the house until the day her father realised what was happening. They took her to a therapist. The therapist told them she had to stop alcohol immediately and put her on anti depressants.

Under a strict lock down by her parents and the meds she became better and decided to get her life back on track. Sanya has been sober for a year now. She did try and contact Jai and apologised to him and asked him if they could meet up to clear the bad blood between them but he refused. She missed him but realised he had never been her friend especially because he was not there when she needed him the most.

But Sanya has moved on and is now working and is in a happy and secure relationship with her new boyfriend who is a successful, single, handsome guy who knows and understands her past.


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