Saturday, 4 October 2014

Swachh Mann Swachh Bharat

And at last it seems we have a leader who people want to listen to and follow. As nations like China and the US stand up and take notice of us and our new charismatic leader, Indians have begun to believe that Modi will bring about change as promised.

As Modi carried with him the hopes, expectations and aspirations of billions of Indians the excitement is palpable. Indians back home thrilled with the reception the US accorded to their Prime Minister, some calling it a “rock star reception”, were glued to their television screens; this kind of viewership I believe only bestowed upon Bollywood stars and cricket.

Seen as India’s saviour, by the citizens of India and Indians abroad, The Washington Post suggested: “Modi will arrive in Washington Monday a hero to a majority of the region’s large and successful Indian American community.”

As someone the other day commented, “love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him.”

Many Indians see Modi as India’s saviour: a strong leader who has pledged to cut through bureaucracy, stamp out corruption and nepotism, revive India’s economy and restore pride. He is thought of as a leader who has almost done the impossible; reimposed the common man’s confidence and trust in the country’s leadership and future.

He is touted as the “Pied Piper of India wooing the Indian public as no other before him except the likes of Gandhi or Nehru. A charismatic, astute and vibrant individual, he has become a role model for Indians all over the world and his varied skills ranging from his oratorical skills to his decision making and social media skills have helped him stand apart from the many who have tried leading this nation out of the misery and stupor it has found itself in since independence but failed.

The common man has at last been roused, galvanised and energised out of the wretched state of affairs and hopefully inspired by Modi’s novel initiatives such as the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, his radio address, “Mann Ki Baat”, (just the beginning I am sure), to change and let change happen.

His special ability to connect with the masses and strike a common chord with them has ensured that he and his campaigns have gained a wide audience and millions of followers, with hope at last spreading its wings.

May his pledge to “affirm to remove dirt” not only lead to removal of dirt from our streets and roads but also from every heart of every citizen of this nation; only and only then will we succeed in taking this nation to newer heights and prosperity. 

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