Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Mid life crisis has hit me hard. It’s a complicated, uncomfortable time which has me questioning myself a lot. Thoroughly confused about who I am, what I want to do and where I want to go, I am in a perpetual state of emotional turbulence.

The experience of a mid life crisis they say is a combination of feelings, events and physical changes that indicate a transformation is at hand. Well, I see it this way it could be the best thing that ever happened to me or it could be the one thing that destroys the life I have been living for ever.

Eventually, mid-life crisis is about managing change of one kind or another, and the positive spin on midlife crisis is that there lies a fresh perspective and much more contentment on the other side of the transition. It’s how you look at it and experience it that matters.

I read somewhere that midlife crisis is about shifting life to better fit where the person’s spirit yearns to be. I like that. It makes sense.

Psychologists think of midlife crisis as a very natural biological and psychological process of a person maturing. Although many symptoms might indicate a process opposite of maturing: at times a person needs to step backwards in order to move forward.

Everyone evolves within their life as they get older. The truest resolution to crisis is learning to embrace the facts of one’s change and investigate methods of transformation. So, I talk, I chat, I make friends, see things from their perspective, I read, I try to introspect, (a task most difficult for an impulsive person like me), I try and think (without confusing myself even more than what I am already), learn from my kids (they see life so differently, don’t they) and of course gain from the wisdom of my elders.

So, I have decided to begin my journey of transformation by creating a bucket list, a list of things that I want to and need to do before I hit the bucket. My bucket list I am sure is what will help me out of my crisis and help me evolve into a more mature individual with my goals well defined. It will help me live my life and find joy. Isn’t that what life is all about.

  1.           Travel all around the world.
  2.           Write a book.
  3.           Act in a movie.
  4.           Start my own business.
  5.           Play sports every day.
  6.           Climb a mountain.
  7.           Run a marathon.
  8.           Dance to a Bollywood number in a movie hall.
  9.           Go on a road trip on my motorcycle.
  10.           Connect with and stay connected with all my friends.
  11.           Go fishing.
  12.           Teach theatre to homeless kids.
  13.           Live in a farm house.
  14.           Try at least 10 new professions.
  15.          Go scuba diving and experience marine life up close.
  16.           Go Skiing.
  17.          Make a difference in someone’s life.
  18.          Read one book every week.
  19.          Sing a song in front of an audience.
  20.         Go on a beach holiday and stay at a beach condo.
  21.         Eat, eat and eat.
  22.         Be on the cover of a glam mag.
  23.         Make a shelter for the homeless and orphans.
  24.         See the Wimbledon Championship.
     This is not my complete list. Will add on little by little. But my journey begins. 

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