Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I am an individual who loves life; the smallest of things make me happy. A kind word, a loving gesture, a hug, a naughty quip from my kids, a good day at work, a smile, a fun evening with my family or friends…keeps me brimming with joy.

I love to laugh (loudly), talk loudly (without realising it), giggle at the silliest of things, talk nineteen to the dozen, chattering away as if everyone’s life depended on it, saying sometimes the most foolish things to sometimes the wittiest (if I can say so myself).

I like to be friends with everyone who crosses my path, investing in them, doing my best to learn more about them and what makes them who they are. I do not differentiate and I do not judge (at least in my mind), it doesn’t bother me if you are a guy or a gal, young or old, rich or poor, educated or not educated, for me you are an individual I can connect with no matter what. All I need is that wee bit of warmth and that expression of acceptance from the other person and I will be your friend forever.

However, over the 40 years of my life on this earth I have realised that things are not as simple as I view them in my mind. People view things very differently from how I perceive them. I have been judged as a loud mouthed, brash, too forward a person who makes people cringe and who many would rather not be seen with.

I really don’t enjoy making people around me uncomfortable; it’s just that if you are my friend you will see beyond my loudness and my impetuosity, and see the real person who unlike her loud mouthed exterior is just a very simple, gentle, kind and very very straightforward person.

Each one of us has some trait we are not too proud of, I have many which over the years I have tried to change thinking and believing that I will be accepted and liked. But isn’t it also true that I am what I am because of the way I think and act and feel. Would it really change things if I try to emulate others and change myself especially when I know I am not hurting anyone and am being sincere and honest to myself?

Following stereotypes has never been my thing and well many people just don’t get where I am coming from. I have tried to follow the crowd and have failed miserably. I really don’t want to be different and in the limelight, I hate it actually; I just want to be myself without being judged and hassled about what is right and wrong (mostly wrong) and how I should present myself and appear to others.  

All I say is know me first and then form an opinion about me. None of us are bad people, we are just different. Some we understand, some we don’t, some we like, some we don’t, but at the end we are all the same, looking out to be liked and accepted.

All we have to do is look beyond the frailties of our external personas and recognise that we are what we are and being ourselves is what makes us humans and not robots. 

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  1. Well thought out and expressed... I have shared my thoughts on email.. Nirjaji..