Friday, 16 May 2014


With BJP having swept the elections, I observe a spring in the steps of most Indians. Hope springs eternal and I with most of my fellow countrymen at last see a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

“India has Won” said Narendra Modi as results of the elections came pouring in and it was obvious that the BJP had secured outright majority. The country tired of and fed up with the dynastic, corruption ridden politics that Congress was very proud of, has voted for a government which will hopefully be efficient and corrupt free.  

Narendra Modi has always presented a comprehensive, development oriented, inclusive and futuristic vision for India. With good governance being the buzzword, it is time for all of us to see some concrete action towards a secure and stable government which has only the good of the people in its mind.

I am hoping and so I believe are many others that the new government led by Modi will change the face of the country and bring about positive changes and improve the economic condition.

The driver of the auto I travel in everyday in the morning, discussed the results with me and was absolutely ecstatic that a new Modi led Government was coming to power. Things and the situation would be transformed for the good he said and was happy that people had the sense to vote correctly this time.

Franklin D. Roosevelt said “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.”

Well here’s wishing that the people of India have chosen wisely!


  1. Well written Nirja....the people have only done half their job by electing the wise they say, "Well Begun Is Half Done". Now, the people too need to deliver by playing their role as honest citizens who care and wish the country change for the better, forever.

  2. It was like a political TsuNamo ....hopefully he will up to the promises made to the common man of the largest democracy in the world ... huge responsibility on his shoulders .