Monday, 24 March 2014


Bhumika my friend and writer shares an interesting reality...something that most of us so conveniently forget...that humans are not superior to all other life forms on earth. Believing we are better than any other species that are surviving is egoistic and very narcissisticOur dominant status at the top of the food chain has lulled us into a false sense of security. Its up to us now to ensure that we leave behind a better earth for our children and their children. 

"The dog, the cat, the whale, the sparrow, the wolf, the lion, the tree, the crops and US; WE ALL SHARE SOMETHING COMMON IN OUR DNA!!!. The same thread of life runs through all life on earth. For instance, the process of sugar breaking down to glucose is common in all living things-plants, animals and us. That a basic survival feature as minute as that can be something absolutely common for every living specie is such an amazing thing! " - COSMOS. A SPACETIME ODYSSEY.

A beautiful piece of reality put forth even so beautifully for us to understand. That all life on earth is so precious and that every specie here is connected to us and is important for our existence and survival can't be more logically explained to our children.

Besides, for us, its a lesson in humility. We humans are just another link of the food chain, only as important as any other. We all have a place, a reason for being here on earth. Its time we understood it.

Its exciting for the kids (and adults) to understand that we are all made from the same stuff as that of the stars! We have a little bit of the universe in each one us. Tell them that they are little 'stars' themselves and see them squeal in delight!!! Believe me, they understand and comprehend beyond our expectations. Much beyond!

Explain the concept of oneness with everyone and everything around using comprehensible scientific facts. I was so happy to understand that I can talk to my kids about equality without sounding preachy. 

I have evidence, you see!!

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