Tuesday, 31 December 2013


As another year beckons us we can only hope that life will get better and the future will hold promises as none before. Hope springs eternal and with the Aam Aadmi taking over the reins of a horse which has been left to run amok since we gained independence from the British, maybe just maybe the game may finally change for the better. 

A man with a magic wand he may not be but he has managed to give hope to millions of citizens where there was none. There just might be light at the end of the tunnel. 

Inspired and impressed by the man of the moment my very good friend and a regular contributor to my blog, Bhumika Singh pours her thoughts and feelings below. 

As Kejriwal becomes the 7th C.M. of Delhi...................

I drift back to the days at school. Those were the days of idealism. We actually did believe we were capable of changing this world an its wrong ways. We believed that if we were true to ourselves and committed to the values that we believed in, we could set almost everything right.

And then, the inevitable happened; we grew up. The idealism faded, only to be replaced by cynicism. Instead of projecting our beliefs to the world, we quickly became one with its ways! We merged ourselves and our lofty dreams to the myraid colours around. Somewhere along the way, the idealism that is a thing of the youth lost out to the practicality of the grown-up world. Yesteryears ideas were now impractical, ideals were now idiosyncrasies and the belief in truth and justice were something to be ridiculed and laughed upon!!!

Until there came upon a man who showed us what eternal youth is all about. With an uncluttered mind space like that, Kejriwal shows how it is possible to retain our thought processes that we had during our school and college days. At 46, he exuberates the ideals of a student who firmly believes that the world will change for the better and has the courage to begin the change from himself. No matter what the critics may say, the man's greatest achievement is his idealism and the conviction to prove that idealism can be practically implemented.

As for me, today's proceedings at the Ramleela Maidan reminded me of the various times I took oath as the House Captain, Committee leader, Literary Society Chairperson etc. in school and college, of the emotions that I felt during those times and the deep desire and belief that I could and would be the harbinger of a positive change around me.

Today, something within me stirred and I a felt a pang of remorse for having left all that behind and moving ahead.

Thank you Kejriwal for helping me re-live those memories. Thank you for showing me the alternative way and thank you for bringing the magic called idealism back into my life.

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