Tuesday, 8 October 2013

And the last few days of wait...

Dear Pati,

As you guzzle down that huge pitcher,
Of exquisite chilled bavarian beer,
Don't forget your sulking friends back here,
It's 2nd October, a dry day my dear!

If here, you'd call up all your friends,
A day before, some last minute attempts,
And then a frenetic search for liquor,
It's 2nd October, a dry day my dear!

Together you'd hop from shop to shop,
Collecting bottles at every stop,
With utter delight, it calls for a cheer,
It's 2nd October, a dry day my dear!

As if there wouldn't be tomorrow to drink,
Such imprudent boys, with nothing to think,
Inanely popping bottles there and here,
It's 2nd October, a dry day my dear!

A land where Gandhi never walked upon,
Therein today you drink with aplomb,
You forget how we celebrate his birthday here?
It's 2nd October, a dry day my dear!

How many pounds up do you stand today?
With so much of beer, how much do you weigh?
Can I still hold you in my arms? I fear!
It's 2nd October, a dry day my dear!

Dear Pati,

I loved the way when yesterday,
After work, at the end of the day,
You gave me a ring,
And asked, "Begum what should I bring?
For our little ones?"

I said, "It would be fun,
If you get two dolls,
From the opulent malls,
And a little make-up kit,
Can be found, just walk a bit.

Remember how the little brat,
Before the mirror for hours sat?
Admiring herself like a lady grown,
Would love to have a make-up kit of her own.
And not to forget the older one,
Who, by the way, has just won,
A competition held at the school.

Remember how she shamelessly drools,
At chocolates and candies and the likes?
And loves to sing all day on the mike.
See if you find a musical thing,
Maybe an i-pod, if you could bring?
And ofcourse don't forget to get the sweets,
To surprise them with, when the two you meet."

I'm sure you would have smiled,
While I so diligently compiled,
The exhaustive list of the goodies to be bought,
And then you spoke, after a moment's thought,
"So what about you begum?
Why do you keep so mum?
Tell me what you want for yourself,
Or should I randomly decide myself?

Meanwhile I've entered a cosmetic shop,
Lots of glosses, lipsticks, liners I've bought,
I don't know much about this stuff,
But I'm sure you'll like it more than enough.
I've also picked up your all time pet,
Sunglasses you'll simply love, I bet."

And while I heard your fervent talk,
In the porch, I took a walk.
And wondered why I felt like this,
It's only you and you I miss.
I feel no joy at what you said,
No excitement at what you'd get.
Just come back soon, thats all I want,
Meanwhile your absence persists to haunt.......
I miscalculated. Its just a day left for him to be back!!!

Dear Pati,

You who's not used to working thus,
Have a team thats willing to adjust,
I'm sure the boss misses his team,
For the upcoming presentation, it seems!

It's the last day of your training there,
With lots of excitement in the air,
There's lots of data to be compiled,
A work you so hated and reviled!

I know too well, you'd still delegate,
The job to all your fellow mates.
Relax and say you support them so,
How devious can you be, only I can know!

Meanwhile back here, we're getting set,
So much still pending, as of yet.
So much to sort before you arrive,
For a month without you, 
we've survived!

I'm nervous of the way you'll react,
Very anxious, as a matter of fact
There are some changes here and there,
Hope that those you will kindly bear???!!!

I have in store a lovely surprise,
But scared, it shouldn't shock you otherwise.
Remember out of my love for you,
I did what I thought I should do.

For now, sit back and chill out,

Leave no room for any kind of doubt.

Albeit it's been a little tough without you,

Don't worry, we've managed to sail through!!!

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