Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dialogue with Sri M

A very interesting dialogue with Sri M my Dad's Guru 

Question: How should one behave in one’s relationship daily when we have so many images to protect about ourselves?
Sri M: Spiritual life cannot be diverse from day to day life. The inner attitude is more important. Therefore, the key issues to consider are:
a. Can I be transparent in my relationship?
b. Behind the behavior, is there hatred or bitterness?
c. Am I behaving or relating, independent of my action, in a manner which is hurting others. Do I enjoy hurting others?
d. Am I behaving very nicely with the person so I can dig his grave? Or because I am expecting something from that person?
e. Can I relate with someone with love and affection without intending any harm to that person?
f. ‘How to make friends and influence people’ is the worst book ever written! This will make you into an artificial human being! Instead, look within and see how am I actually? When I smile, am I actually smiling? Or is it a put up?
g. The common factors across human beings are: same desires, same jealousies, same hatreds, same problems, same shortages, same dissatisfactions, same rancor inside! Can I accept that? Can I treat, in my mind, everyone the same? After all, all the human beings are the same!
h. So therefore, the practical aspect of looking at is to assess oneself before you go to sleep in the evening and say, can I live tomorrow no matter what my ideology is, no matter what my theory of life is, can I live without creating problems for others without hurting people? Is it possible for me to accept faults of others? Because I also may be having many faults. Am I completely free of faults?
i. Understanding this, if we can relate, then there is a possibility that we can be able to sort it out!

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