Saturday, 3 December 2011


A very old ode to womanhood which my dad and I penned. Used this as the background to perform a ballad for a select audience.

Even God believed man was incomplete
Without a woman beside
To replicate His miracle of life, again, again and yet again
A countless times.

I know not the evolution of the human species
But I recall my growth from an impish girl
With nary a care in the world
The fun filled pranks and playing in the street
The laughter and fun, the camaraderie.

Where oh! Where has all of it gone?
When I stepped into womanhood
The transition was rapid and unnoticed.
Where oh! Where are all the dreams of greatness and fame?
Somewhere in the business of setting up home
Did we lose that which we were destined to find?
No, I think, it’s the perspective that’s changed
For, haven’t we partaken of life to its fullest?
And sent Air Warriors to snatch victory from the very skies?
As a daughter, a student, a hope
As a bride, a lover, a wife
As a mother, a nurturer

As a provider
As a companion

Hearken me beauties, life has not forsaken us neither we of it
We warmed our hearths for those we cared for
We partook in the marvel of creation.
Nay, we played God for a while.
We gave of ourselves as any Mother is wont to do.
Selflessly, lovingly, compassionately, holding nothing back

We assemble love in the kitchen and its fragrance blossoms on the table
Even the neighbours catch a whiff of its aroma
For, there are no strangers here; only friends we haven’t met.
If togetherness is not the essence of existence, I’d rather be extinct.

Celebrate, then oh! Dear women, celebrate the power rendered to you
By none other than the one who watches over all of creation 
Celebrate the Shakti in us, celebrate the compassion
Celebrate the boundless love, the mamta.
Celebrate even the womanly instinct
Celebrate the caring and nurturing of human kind.
Celebrate the power to endure ignominy, pain and ingratitude
With grace, composure and fortitude.  

Celebrate Womanhood.

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