Ghosted! No house is not haunted nor have I been possessed by a ghost.   Ghosting in our fast-paced technology savvy world means 'to disappear without communication'  - vanishing into thin air after being in constant touch. Another pandemic that's been giving me goosebumps. Clients can ghost you, prospective employers can ghost you, employees are good at it, your best friends can do it & so can your partners - no warning signs, no goodbyes - just a disappearing act that can rob you of your peace of mind & self-esteem. Alhough the term is new the act per se is not. People outgrow friendships and detach. Unhappy employees never return to work. Clients don't respond to your emails or texts and block you. Partners can walk out and just fade away. For most, especially where work relationships are concerned not responding to any kind of communication you may have initiated is easier and quicker. Professional Ghosting is on the rise. No explanations, no jus

Working Together to be a whole!

We are a diverse people, woven as a country into a tapestry of a rich culture with varied traditions, languages & values. That's what defines us, that's what makes us who we are - a nation, a society, a family & individuals. If you think our society is a mind-boggling complex group of people; as individuals we are no different. As humans we are a diverse, complicated mix too. Just as a country is a mix of its people, values, culture, beliefs... ...Humans too are a mix of their thoughts, feelings, emotions, values. We are heroes & villains - sometimes mature - sometimes childish - all rolled into one. And however conflicting our inner workings are - each one of us - each different part of us functions together to form a working whole contributing to the world - good, bad & somewhere in between. With all the strife, restlessness, rage & violence inside & outside us humans have survived centuries, achieving amazing things that can only be described as a fan

Connecting With My Inner Child

I played I laughed I cried with you I dreamt silly dreams with you Time flew making happy memories With joy and passion inside Life was wondrous and miraculous With you by my side I was told to grow up soon I was told I laughed too much and too loud I was told I talked too much and too loud I was told to be mature and pipe down So I disconnected from you I distanced myself from you I stopped laughing with you I stopped playing with you I bid goodbye to you Travelled far far away from you I abandoned you I left you all alone Hurt you retreated Wounded you hid within Frightened you tucked yourself away Unwanted, unloved, shackled you withered away Underneath my many layers Of fears and despair Of tears and heartbreak You watch and wait quietly in hope In my darkest time you reach out There you are a familiar face I extend my arms to you I say Hello to the girl I once was Your throw your arms around me You wipe my tears You wash off the gathered dust You plead with me to laugh and play It


  Fake it till you make it! What does that really mean?  An inducement to portray a false image? Or encouragement to project confidence? When prospective clients contact me I tell them from the very start, who I am, what I do, what I can do as an editor & publisher & what I can't & am unwilling to do for them. I don't like to project myself bigger & better than I am & I don't give them exaggerated promises which I may find tough to keep. I refuse to fake it even though I have been told I will never make it if I don't. Even to my friends "I am who I am" - I don't like to pretend, I show what I am all about - you get what you see.  What does masking my feelings and abilities say about me? Isn't it dishonesty to hide your true self from the world? "Faking it" will result in more harm than good and can land you in a deep pool of slush you can never get out of.   At work admitting I don’t have the credentials or experience need

Is there anyone who cares that people are dying?

The heart wrenching images and videos of families losing their loved ones have been splashed around the media the last few weeks. The corona virus has entered our lives once again, deadlier and meaner than last time gripping us in its deadly clutches - it's goal - only one - cross off as many people as it can on it's list. But what I have failed to understand is why its war cries are falling on deaf ears. Fed up and frustrated with the jail sentence everyone had patiently endured last year, they have broken the chains or should I say smashed their way through the bars of their lock-ups to roam free like a wild animal. Why do I call them wild animals? Because most of us are behaving like untamed creatures who were captured, forced to live under a lockdown and when let loose are now running amok without a care in the world. I saw a video of 40 people caught by the police in a closed store shopping for clothes for a festival. When the police raided the shuttered store, the 40 or s

Who is your role model?

  Who is your  role model ? A question asked by my 11-year old's teacher in class sparked off a healthy but loud  debate . Every child had a different role model as was expected. What disappointed the  teacher  was that all the children named celebrities - Bollywood stars, sports & political heroes. He was quick to point out that we are surrounded by real life  heroes  & role models in our daily lives. When asked to guess who they were, the children fell silent, a hush so loud, it spoke volumes of our shallow views. "Your parents, teachers, others in your community, even your helpers...there are so many of them." His words brought a smile to my face. The children though couldn't understand how "normal people" could be role models. "A role model, he explained,  inspires  us to do better in life. Don't your parents or teachers or your domestic help do that?" The children were then assigned to write about a role model they know closely. It