What if you allow yourself to;     Surrender yourself wholeheartedly to each moment;     Give of yourself wholeheartedly to each moment;     Express yourself wholeheartedly in each moment;     Be fully present in the moment - in all moments - happy, terrifying, sad - make them part of you - don't scamper away from them.     What if you allow yourself to;     Live in these moments - let them flow through you;     Live with cheer and breathe in the joy;     Breathe in the music and rhythm of life;     Breathe in the chaos of the reverberating sounds of life - dance to the throb of the beats.     What if you allow yourself to;     Love yourself - love your muddled, topsy-turvy, frenzied emotions;     Give expression to each of those tumultuous thoughts - let your words be their wings;     Say what the world is afraid to say - say what people don't want to hear - say something that's never been said before;     Love the world as it is - love the harmony of nature but also lov


    A simple 5 letter word that has the power to heal scars, that can act as a balm to emotional wounds.       For most of us though the word rings empty.       It loses its power if not followed by actions that show the person is truly feeling remorseful. " Would 'sorry' have made any difference? Does it ever? It's just a word. One word against a thousand actions.” ―  Sarah Ockler,  Bittersweet       And most often than not we never hear that word. We wait and we wish - caught in a loop of our own making.       We expect apologies, for we feel we have been wronged, we want the person to admit they were wrong. We want to feel vindicated.       But it never happens. Maybe because they believe they have not wronged us.     It is then that we get caught in an endless cycle of resentment, unmet expectations and emotional overload.     We let our wounds fester, we let them eat away and gnaw at our peace of mind, unwilling to let go of our bitterness.     We imprison ourselv